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"MYSTIC" needs your help today!

...First he was wrongfully taken from freedom, the wild and his family by the BLM, then he was placed in a BLM "holding facility" gelded, branded and then given to someone, or adopted and then he dutifully obeyed and learned all any horse would ever be expected to learn.. was fully trained..offering himself as an excellent riding horse..then he was sold again..or given away and wound up.. in a horrible and dangerous place, just moments away from being sold to be shipped out of the country for barbaric slaughter.

4 Weeks ago we raised funding and bailed him out of a horrible kill pen in Oklahoma ! Now Mystic needs us to bring him from Oklahoma to his safe new home in California, where he will act as an ambassador, inspiring support saving the wild horses with re-wilding models and from unnecessary removal and horrific sale to slaughter.

Mystic and Love Wild Horses has a lot of wonderful work ahead to perform together to help and heal, the horses, land, water and surrounding communities. ..BUT now we need to raise $4,000. to bring him to safety and home and to begin this good work and journey together...

 AND WE need to hurry because Winter and Snow is coming, and before it does we need to safely trailer Mystic home this weekend 1,411 miles all the way from Oklahoma to California to safety..AND..We don't have much time to raise needed funding to make this happen..

Can you please help sponsor saving sweet Mystic with a donation TODAY?

Thank you for caring and visiting.. sharing and giving what you can today...

no horse should ever have to face slaughter

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All donations are fully tax deductible 

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