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February 6th, 2020     By Jetara Séhart

Michael and Nina Archer, of Windsor, Colorado, along with the help of a non-profit, are preparing for an exciting rescue and the creation of a new and permanent home for some extraordinary and historic wild horses to roam free upon their land. 

On October 19th of 2018, The Archers were in a fortunate position to buy 60 acres of land to support their love of Nature and in the hope that they could do something with the land that was dear to their hearts for themselves, their family, animals, and the environment which now is becoming Freedom Acres. 

So, on January 8th, when Nina saw an urgent post and call to action on Love Wild Horses, California based 501C3 Facebook page, the "Wild Horse Protection Act," to save government captured Double Devils Garden Horses from imprisonment and possible sale to slaughter, she was compelled to respond. 

Nina, shared with LWH, that she had 60 acres of property and could help save some of the horses. The discussions and re-wilding vetting process and research began for Nina and the non-profit and the Modoc National Forest Service Agency, to explore if together, that they could make this happen. 

The USFSA DD Garden horses are at an especially increased risk of being sold for slaughter, in part because the USFSA is nearly offering the magnificent horses for free at just $1.00 a horse. The good news is the barbaric slaughter of horses is still illegal in America. However, the bad news is that hundreds of thousands of domestic and wild horses still are presently quietly being sold to kill buyers in Mexico, Canada, and Japan

Eighty percent of Americans stand opposed to horse slaughter; therefore, it is high time to stop exporting horses for slaughter. Freedom Acres is one example to the extent that people love wild horses and how gathering and working together can and is saving them.

The Archer's "Freedom Acres" is Love Wild Horses' first "Wildfire and WildEquine Protection Act, cooperative re-wilding model." Love Wild Horses is casting a wide net out in social media and community circles to spur public, public trust, tribal and private safe land to open to save and return the endangered captured BLM and USFSA horses to live once again in peace and freedom and to protect the open space they roam upon. As the government races to clear public land of all the wild horses, this non-profit is racing to put the horses back. 

Free-roaming wild horses are a forgotten natural resource in reducing Wild West wildfire threat, damage, and fire abatement costs for all who are fortunate enough to live near wherever the horses are granted to roam. Naturally, migrating horses also add essential moisture to the West's depleted topsoil, thereby helping to prevent and heal desertification and global warming. 

The battle between wild horse freedom and the corporations and private parties who want Western public land the horses roam upon has grown tired and old and 60,000+ wild horses are calling from behind bars in wasteland like facilities for their freedom and to be granted the right to perform the job only they do best, to run free at one with the land and wind, unencumbered by man. Can you imagine the magnificent sight of the wild horses returning to freedom? 

Synonymous with the native wisdom that many Indigenous people possess, involving living in harmony, respect, and balance for humans, animals, trees, plants, land, water, and the air around us, is what the LWH and the Freedom Acres project represents, along with hope to be a vehicle for much-needed change.

Nina, whose Native Hopi ancestral name means "Strong," has always loved being close to Nature and is also an equestrian enthusiast for many years. Nina and Michael are taking the heroic leap of faith in saving the lives of 13 historical horses. While this couple is not independently wealthy, they are incredibly rich in love and courage, and they are being supported with funding for fencing by LWH and will be working together to make Freedom Acres a happily ever after story unfolding. Nina has already begun journaling about this exciting experience and hopes to write a book about this wild adventure. 

For today, there is work to be done to fix the fences and ready the land for the 13 sacred horses whose sacred hooves will be touching the ground to run free in Colorado in March! 

There was a caring representative at USFDA who contacted Nina to ask her.. if they could take just one more mare because she was part of this unique herd and otherwise would be left behind. Nina and Michael's answer was a definitive yes..because honoring family and a natural herd dynamic is the right and wise thing to do. 5 lucky geldings and 8 mares, soon are heading to Freedom Acres, to settle in and acclimate to their new home. One of the sacred girls is with foal, and so their herd of 13 will be 14.

"Horse Hill" is one free-roaming model, located in Mill Valley, California, that is happening with 14 domestic and privately owned horses who freely migrate upon approximately 55 acres. The horses keep overgrown grasses at bay year-round, and about 6 months a year require supplemental feed.

Although Colorado and California's climates differ, still "Horse Hill" is an exciting model in comparison to acreage and the number of horses who roam there. HH has successfully operated for 25 years in keeping the surrounding community safer from overgrown top-loading wildfire fueling grasses, as well as in providing an inspiring place for young and old at heart to come and see and to also enjoy multiple land use with the horses in harmony.

Saving wild horses takes courage, and the help of many helping hands to roll up their sleeves and to open their hearts lives land and wallets to donate and to participate in this worthwhile wild mission. 

To help with a tax-deductible donation for re-wilding setup and care of the wild horses and for more information: please visit the non-profit's web site: www.lovewildhorses.org

Love Wild Horses in 2020 and Forever!®©

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