Saving Shanti’s Life:
Sunday Eve Update 6/10:
“Good News, Love Wild Horses Ambassador, Shanti Rom’s, heart rate has lowered again, is now in the 50’s.. (when he was at UC Davis his heart rate was 88)..and all else for Shanti tonight is holding steady..happy Sunday
Ty for ur love & prayers.

Update: morning Sunday June 10th, thank you for circling wings around us.❤️ what a tough journey, thank God, Shanti is strong. Dr. Roads reported this morning, he is responding well to treatment and his heart rate, is lower then it has been since his arrival, he is bright, holding his head up,,able to eat and drink, still and his vitals are being monitored and he will remain in, intensive care, until he stabilizes. I will go again to the hospital to support, Shanti, tomorrow. It is a 2 1/2 drive each way and the 1,000 mi I drove, although exhausting and hard, are well worth, saving sweet Shanti’s life.. I am doing whatever it takes, to heal him up.

Shanti, may need to be boarded at the hospital,..because once the sand is removed, they want to perform another scope, to be sure, Shanti doesn’t also have a stomach stone. We are awaiting test results and he is being treated also to heal the bleeding ulcers. He is such a good boy and is charming all who meet him, at the hospital. 

Thank you for donating and helping us... the medical bills presently are 5,900.. ..Shanti has a long life ahead of him and great work to do, as an ambassador, to inspire people to join us, to save and Love Wild Horses...and even if this weren’t the case.. he is one magical horse worth going the extra mile to give him the opportunity, to live.

Blessings up, for Shanti, all the wild horses and your way,”


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Photo By Jetara Séhart
Shanti, in the ICU, is looking brighter and holding his head up again ♥️

More coming soon~:)!