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Love Wild Horses, saving the last of America’s icons of the West, from slaughter and extinction, with humane, innovative on range holistic land and water conservancy practices, for the mutual symbiotic benefit of the wild ones, wild places and humanity; inspiring the wild heart of the West to live on, today and for future generations to come._ 

Photo: By Jeanne Bencich-Nations 

Love Wild Horses® Board of Directors & Management


Jetara Séhart, President

Jeanne Bencich-Nations , Vice President 


 Colleen Shaw , Secretary

Michael Stocker, Treasurer

Photo: By Robin Wadhams

Our Story


We began helping the wild horses in August of 2010, upon discovering the tragic plight of America's wild ones.

Since we perform broad outreach, in gathering 360k+ supporters. 

Love Wild Horses® is a West marin, California based Non-Profit. LWH projects include, improving humane treatment & care with innovative management solutions, for the last of America's free roaming and captured wild horses and burros, to live on. 

Photo: By Cat Kindsfather 

Jetara Séhart, Visiting & Documenting to ease suffering for Wild horses in a Bureau of land Management WH&B holding facility, Palomino Valley Center,  Nevada