Blessings up for Shanti's sky journey now

Shanti put up a most valiant fight to survive and he and we did all possible to save him..and we are saddened to lose this sacred ambassador and dear friend..On March 10th, of 2019 ...Upon wings of angels ..prayers up for the most amazing beautiful soul…..looking into Shanti’s light blue knowing eyes.. was like simultaneously looking, into the sparkling heart and soul of the sky and sea.

We adopted Shanti through an online Bureau of Land Management auction and trailered him to his new home in Marin county, California in May, of  2017; rescuing him from risk of sale to slaughter and from a BLM concentration camp like holding facility, in Utah. From a few online photos, we selected to adopt gorgeous, sweet spirited Shanti, to be Love Wild Horses ambassador, to inspire and move people to join us in saving Shanti’s free and captured relations, the last of America's wild horses from removal, inhumane treatment,  slaughter and extinction. 

Shanti is a member of a sacred Utah Cedar Mountain herd of wild horses..called the Rainbow Herd. Presently there are approximately 50,000 captured, magnificent wild horses and burros, like Shanti, who are being treated inhumanely, awaiting for their freedom to be granted, or adopted, struggling to survive in horrific living conditions and at risk of being sold, to barbaric slaughter, 

Love Wild Horses. President and the human who daily gentled, fed and cared for precious Shanti, sharing his story: 

"Yesterday, as I arrived to give Shanti Rom his T.L.C. and dinner.. He didn’t welcome me with his nicker.. I knew something was wrong..& found precious Shanti resting lifeless.. in a corner of his stall on.. soft shavings..(I don’t know if his heart gave out.. or if he collicked..)

My  heart is broken ..& there are just no words to express the deep loss personally for me as well as the tremendous loss for our Shanti was such a sweet and wonderful

Ambassador for the wild horses.

I sat with Shanti for several hours last night & thanked him for being in my and our lives..and 

Told him I was so sorry for all he has been through.. the pain of being taken from his and the wild..& for the ulcers that caused him to become so sick..& honored his inspiring great strength.. courage and brilliant sensitive nature..

And thanked him for all the human hearts that Shanti touched..and for helping me live this past year and 9 months.. to daily get up and go help him..too was such a gift for me..

And I told him that I will be with him

Again some day I hope if I am lucky..& to pls visit me and us when he be free and in peace now .. with the wild horses in the sky...

I cut a piece of my hair and braided it within Shanti’s forelock so part of me can go with him..& I took a piece of Shanti’s gorgeous mane to keep with me here..until we meet again.

3 little birds flew in and were sitting beside us while I was with Shanti.. praying and crying.

May the world join us to Love Wild Horses .. so they may live in peace..and safety and be freed from threat of slaughter..harm and extinction🙏❤️

"Thank you soul much for all of your love, support and prayers.. that circled in strength for us to make it this far❤️

Shanti Rom is a gift to this world and a source of inspiration as a very special ambassador his great will to live and demonstrating the incredible beauty..pure magic and strength of a wild horse...shining his light upon the plight of our wild horses, in helping to bring strength for his relations to remain free, saving them from slaughter and  instilling their survival.

Fly well Now sweetest Shanti

Great Rainbow Warrior~:

Thank you for all the love and support that you have circled help bless his journey here.. we couldn’t have made it this far without you.❤️

Please join us in  sending some prayers up for sweet Shanti ..& also for his relations to be well "~ 

Please donate today to help keep our remaining 50,000 wild horses safe & free and to save the lives of the captured 50,000 from slaughter..we have much work to do and these amazing horses need your help today,

Thank You

Jetara Séhart, President, Love Wild Horses® 

Love Wild Horses®️©️! 

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Photo  Jetara Séhart and Shanti Rom